Our Story

In its meeting in 1895, the South Carolina Lutheran Synod voted to help the Lutherans in a number of South Carolina communities. This included the town of Florence. To this end, the Reverend J. C. Trauger was appointed as the first Pastor of Saint Luke Lutheran Church in Florence, South Carolina. Reverend Trauger visited Florence and Saint Luke had its first service on March 12,1896 at the home of Robert Cronenberg. Fourteen Lutherans met on that Thursday night. One of their first tasks was to baptize little Anna Katy Marie Bissett. She was the first Lutheran baptized at Saint Luke. In fact, she was later to become the first organist for the congregation.

Saint Luke Lutheran Church lacked a permanent location and on March 10,1908, the first building was dedicated near the railroad tracks. This building served the congregation for nearly 40 years. By 1950, the building was too cramped and the railroad tracks were so noisy that services had to be stopped when a train went by. It was time for another location.

The new location was located on the corner of King Avenue and Winston Street. The new church building was dedicated on March 26,1950. It served admirably until it became too small to house the growing congregation. Saint Luke moved again to its present location on Cherokee Road, dedicated on February 23, 2003.  This sanctuary is poised to continue to serve the needs of its congregation and the community.