August Council Meeting Minutes

August meeting notes

· Abby Mills presented information regarding the possibility of changing our policy to allow alcohol on site for various events. Council will investigate insurance and written procedures. This change would require a congregational vote.

· Abby Mills presented a fundraising idea for a Tea Room in St. Luke Lutheran’s Fellowship Hall. A motion was made and passed for Abby to gather information for the possibility of a Tea Room fundraiser.

· Buddy Dunklin presented images of a statue of Jesus to be placed in the Remembrance Garden. This will be funded through memorial monies, all approved by the families. A motion was made and passed for Buddy to purchase the statue for placement in the Remembrance Garden.

· Leadership meeting will be August 20th at 6pm. All committee/organization chairs and Council members are encouraged to attend.

· Council approved Mutual Ministry guidelines for communication and event planning.

· Learning Committee asked for permission to paint the Education Wing hallway before Sunday School begins. Council gave their blessing but asked Learning Committee to follow through with Property Committee. Learning Committee is in the process of utilizing the Endowment Grant to update technology on the Education Wing.

· Lee Daugherty in the new chairperson of our Youth Committee. Thank you Lee!

Our next Council meeting is September 15th at 12pm.

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