Changes to Masks & Worship

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have had a long journey through the pandemic and we know that there is much to be excited and eager about as we move forward. Church Council met on June 20th and voted on the following actions. These decisions were based on the recent notifications by the CDC regarding the effects of the vaccine and the numbers that are being transmitted from the states. Additionally, we are also responding to the results of the survey that was sent out. We recognize that there are still some lingering concerns and that this is a healthy perspective. We hope that the actions taken calms most of these concerns, as we cannot appease all, while at the same time enhancing our life experience together here at St. Luke. So, starting immediately this is the position of St. Luke:

-The wearing of a mask is optional and will not be required for worship or other activities here at St. Luke.

-The hand sanitizing stations will remain in place. This is just a healthy activity and not strictly COVID-related.

-At this point, there will be no physical contact in the sharing of the peace. (We will get there)

-We will continue in our current singing practices. The Choir is scheduled to return with the Fall Kickoff.

-Despite being vaccinated, Pastor Rusty will continue to be masked and gloved during communion. We will continue in the current manner for communion and look to return to the communion rail on September 12th with our Fall Kickoff.

-We ask that you be respectful of distancing at this point. Others may still not be as comfortable as you. Please know that this returning to normalcy, despite the CDC’s statement, requires a calming of one’s heart and mind.

-Please feel to gather in the narthex as you desire.

-We are continuing to open up programs. If you have been a leader of a group, please feel free to reengage them. We ask that you inform Pastor Rusty as he entered during a shut-down period and may not be aware of everything that was happening at St. Luke.

-The Reopening Team has been suspended and we thank them for all of their efforts to keep us safe during this difficult time.

We give thanks to God for His love and grace during this time. St. Luke has been wonderful in their support of one another.


St. Luke Church Council

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