Chrismon Tree Update

This will be the 56th year of Saint Luke Lutheran Church tradition of displaying Chrismons on the Gwendolyn Ellis-John Knobeloch Chrismon Tree during the Advent Season. There are over 275 Chrismons on our Chrismon Tree. We are always amazed at how our beautiful Chrismon Tree is each Advent Season and the anticipation of the yearly lighting of the Chrismon Tree!

Getting the 15 year old tree ready is a challenge. We have to wire many limbs to be upright and zip tie strands of lights to replace the lights that have burned out!

The Chrismon Committee went to Church Council to ask permission to raise the money for a new, larger tree. We are looking for the tree which should cost $5000-9000. As of October 20th, we have raised $6,130. If you would like to donate, please mark your check or envelope “Chrismon Tree.” As donations come in, the Chrismon Committee will keep the congregation informed.

If you have any questions, please contact Howard Efird, Lynn Brown or Abby Mills.

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