Coronavirus Preparedness

Like all of you, Church Council, staff and the Disaster Preparedness Committee are closely monitoring the events surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States and how it may affect the life of our congregation. As we make preparations, be assured we will be guided by and follow all instructions given to us by our public health officials.

For now, here are a few simple steps we are taking:

1. We would ask that you do not come to church services or activities if you are feeling sick. You can always watch our 10:30am Sunday Service on Facebook by using this link

2. There will be a basket in the Gathering Area with hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes if you need to use them.

3. As we monitor the situation, we will make adjustments, such as the way we share the peace and commune, if necessary.

4. We will continue to communicate any developments with the congregation.

5. We will continue to develop, plan and maintain a pandemic preparedness and response plan.

6. We will be available to help any member of the congregation who needs special assistance.

Here are things you can do:

1. Stay home if you are feeling sick. Symptoms of Coronavirus are high fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

2. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.

3. Use a tissue when you sneeze or cough or cough into your sleeve.

4. Follow up and check on with members of the congregation who may need special assistance. Please use discretion and caution if you suspect someone is sick and act appropriately. Advise the church office if you know of anyone needing help.

5. Check your email and our Facebook page regularly to keep up to date on any communication from our Parish Administrator.

6. Go to the CDC website ( for further information and steps you can take to protect yourself.

7. Most importantly, PRAY. Pray for those who have already been affected and for those who may be affected. Also, pray for our government leaders and those on the front lines of dealing with the Coronavirus. Grow deeper in your relationship with God, cultivating God’s presence in your daily life so that you will know the peace that comes from putting your faith and hope in Him.

In His Service,

St. Luke Congregational Council and Disaster Preparedness Committee


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