Council Meeting Minutes - September 2019

· Shepherding results were calculated. There was approximately 21% decrease in attendance than less than last quarter.

· Pastor Seymour reported she will be attending Interim Training in October

· Rona Ewart reports that the Service Committee has a subcommittee, Disaster Preparedness, chaired by Paula Lawson. This Committee is developing an evacuation route inside the church, a safe sanctuary policy, video surveillance within the church, as well as researching the purchase of a generator.

· Day of Service is October 6, 2019 following one worship service.

· Council accepted the changes to the Endowment grant approval process.

· Council is mailing a copy of the draft proposal alcohol policy for Saint Luke Lutheran Church for the Congregational members to review. This will be voted on at the October 27th Congregational Meeting.

Council will meet on September 16th to discuss candidates for the Call Committee.

The next Council meeting will be on October 20th following the 10:30 worship service.

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