Disaster Preparedness Committee

The Disaster Preparedness Committee is taking a look at how St. Luke can be better prepared to respond in a disaster situation. Because “disasters” come in assorted varieties, the committee is looking at specific situations and identifying how to take steps to address them.

· Emergency evacuation of our building is being addressed by creating maps that show evacuation routes from all areas of the building and making sure that all exits are clearly marked. The congregation will be encouraged to learn two ways to leave any part of the building for safety.

· Emergency communications are going to be improved by the use of two-way radios between the education wing, the sanctuary “sound board” manager, the ushers and the pastor.

· A surveillance camera is already in place on the Education Wing and other cameras will be placed throughout the facility, to improve monitoring of the premises

· Keypads are being budgeted for 2020, to reduce the number of exterior doors that need to be kept unlocked during worship services.

· A generator will be installed in the Fellowship wing, funded by a grant the St. Luke Endowment. This will allow the Education wing, including the kitchen, to be available for use in disasters by the congregation and/or disaster response teams

If you have questions or suggestions about our disaster preparedness, please contact the committee chairperson, Paula Lawson.

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