Endowment Update

We began our sixth year of awarding grants through the St. Luke Endowment fund on October 1st. A new grant application form was completed and it is available on St. Luke’s website under St. Luke Endowment. Potential grantees may submit their grant proposals from October 1st to December 31st. The proposals will be reviewed and recommendations made by the Endowment committee for funding of grants. After Council approval, grants will be awarded by end of March 2020.

If any members of St. Luke have an interest in participating on the Endowment Committee, please indicate your interest on the Time and Talent sheets. This information is used to provide recommendations to Council for new members. For 2020, the congregation will be approving two new members for our committee based on council recommendations.

If you have any questions related to the Endowment Committee, please contact a member of the committee. The 2019 Endowment Committee consists of Jason Brewer, Scott Mitchell, Idette Tucker, Paula Lawson and John Lindner.

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