Give Together, Grow Together: Committee Spotlights

|Witness Committee|

The primary responsibility of this committee is evangelism. The Witness Committee

lifts up the congregation’s responsibility to share the Gospel within and beyond our

parish. The committee promotes hospitality. Members of this committee are

encouraged to invite others to come and learn about the love of God through Jesus

Christ. Witness Committee is also responsible for raising community awareness

regarding St. Luke Lutheran Church through newspaper ads, Facebook, mailings and

other marketing vehicles. Witness is experienced through all functions of the church.

The Witness Committee deals with:

* Reaching others, known and unknown

* Maintaining a healthy and spiritual relationship with our church family

* Encouraging and facilitating new membership

* Enriching our spiritual life within our congregation

* Being a Greeter; welcoming visitors, all potential new members, and all who enter our


* Organizing new member classes

* Corresponding with potential members, as well as communicating with our entire


* Keeping records of attendance

* Working on marketing projects

*Visiting new or potential members

-Nancy Werlau, Witness Chairperson

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