Lutheran Men in Mission

After surveying the demographics (age) of our members, we decided to skip our July meeting so as not to expose our older members to a period of excessive heat. As the August meeting date approached, we contacted Tom Ewart to see if he would host the meeting around his pool. Knowing how our members act when we get out of their element (Fellowship Hall), Tom perceived our presence may violate the McIntosh Woods HOA agreement. He gave some lame excuse that he and Rona would be out of town. Hearing the group was searching for an alternate meeting site, Larry Matthews graciously offered his abode. The men had a nice evening sitting on his deck looking across Forest Lake. Anders and Abbott Brewer came with their fishing gear in tow. Not having any success in catching their supper, they joined the rest of us in enjoying burgers, baked beans, slaw along with a dairy dessert.

The highlight of the evening was listening to Wylie report on his experience with making a purchase at Best Buy. It seems Wylie and Gwynette commissioned a carpenter to build them a new entertainment center. Upon completion, Wylie realized his current television set was obviously too small. The larger TV set he purchased on his first trip to Best Buy was also too small. During his second visit to BB, Wylie learned about the Geek Squad, HDMI cables and warranties. If you are considering making a purchase at Best Buy, you may want to contact Wylie for a consultation.

After reminding us our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 10, President Patrick reminded the group we have a couple of events in October.

October 13 - LMM Sunday

October 18 – Buster and John Holland’s Fish Fry (all church members are invited)

-Buddy Dunklin, LMM Secretary

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