Lutheran Men in Mission - November

October was a busy month for the men at Saint Luke. Answering a plea for a cook, John Lindner served a delicious lasagna meal as we corralled together for our monthly meeting. Being aware we would be planning for LMM Sunday probably attributed to the less than average attendance. Luckily, Jack Riley's appetite provided for a significant reduction in leftovers. Speaking of LMM Sunday, we appreciate Pastor Denise relinquishing her duties for a day so our talented men could lead us in worship. After learning proper breathing techniques, Choir Director Joyce was able to transform "a sow's ear into a silk purse." Lee Daugherty's message about thankfulness was well received.

After completing the above labor of love, our group was ready for some rest and relaxation. Our annual fish fry at Flora's Farm hosted by Buster and John Holland was well attended. The absence of President Pat and his bride was noticed. We will give the Wisconsin transplants a pass for not knowing the difference between National Cemetery Road and the Pamplico Highway.

Please mark your calendars as Lutheran Men in Mission will be hosting its "Honoring All Who Served" banquet on Friday, November 15. The annual car/truck/motorcycle show is being held the following day in the church parking lot. All proceeds will be given to the Veterans Resource Center.

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