Sunday Services

At our 8:30 service, the piano is our primary musical instrument and we offer music and singing that has a modern tempo, sound, and style. 


At 10:30, the organ is the primary instrument and led by our choir, our music and singing are classical and elaborate. This service utilizes chants in our prayers and select hymns deeper from within the treasury of Christian hymnody. 


Please check our website calendar regularly to note the changes in worship times for all worship services.


Current Worship Schedule


8:30 am Service of Holy Communion

9:30 am Sunday School

10:30 am Service of Holy Communion


12:15 pm Service of Holy Communion

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Wednesday Services

*Current schedule: 12:15 pm Service of Holy Communion

Every Wednesday, we gather for communal prayer and another opportunity for receiving the Lord's Supper. Our prayer services are in the offices, or orders, of the Daily Prayer of the Church, a pattern of communal prayer that has existed for centuries. 


Matins, or Morning Prayer, is offered at 7:00 a.m.; Vespers, or Evening Prayer, is offered at 6:00 p.m. The prayer services last approximately 15-20 minutes and are non-musical. These services employ peacefulness, silence, and solemnity, which are meant to help us focus on listening to God and refresh us to serve in a very busy world (Note: the service times are subject to change depending on the liturgical season). Please check our website calendar regularly to note any changes in the times of prayer and worship.


At 12:15 p.m., we offer the Divine Service. This service of Holy Communion is patterned after the mass crafted by Martin Luther during the liturgical reforms of the 16th century. It is a beautiful and simple service, non-musical, and we often use this service to celebrate holy days and commemorations that may occur during the week. This service lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Saint Luke 
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